Top Membership Sites Will Take the Local Community Online

Building top membership sites can be an exciting, entertaining and profitable adventure, you just need to creatively shift your local community online. A process that can help revive your community.

It’s time that we actually take a few steps back and absorb what’s going on in the world around us. Surveys are telling us that over 84% of adults connect to the Internet for at least 4 hours every day. Showing that Internet usage is on a steady increase. It takes an even larger jump when looking at younger generations.

We’ve reorganized our lives around the conveniences of the Internet. Shopping, information, networking are all at our finger tips. But have we done a good job bridging the Internet with our local communities?

In my own local community, the businesses and residents have definitely seen better times. Many businesses are hanging on for dear life as potential customers rush to spend their money on the Internet. These businesses, who used to have just one or two local competitors, now have to compete against thousands of online businesses who can provide similar services / products for less.

Are we sacrificing a unique community connection for discount prices? Do we no longer care about the “personalized service” that small local businesses can provide? Doesn’t that count for something?

People are also spending less time actively engaging with their community. Video games, movies, television and the Internet are consuming more and more of people’s time. The conveniences have made parents numb to the fact that their kids hardly go outside and play. Better yet, that they don’t go outside and play with their kids. Is this how we want to use technology, to suffocate our core relationships with people we love?

So what’s the solution? We need to take our local community online, which will create top membership sites that will be great for our local community.

What if you could build a membership site that would promote the talents of residents within your local community. They could actively participate by adding their own unique entertaining content. In addition you allow residents to use your membership site to produce new events, promotions & campaigns. Businesses could partner with the residents and even employ their talents to help promote its services and products. Just by doing that, businesses will be able to connect on a deeper level with the network of those partner residents. Think about it, most people have at least 400 fans and followers that they would share a “Local commercial” with if they were in or helped created.

Having a local community membership website would benefit everyone; residents could showcase talents & skills, businesses could incorporate locals into their promotional efforts giving further reach and you would be the owner of one of the best top membership sites possible., a local community website for the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, is testing this concept right now. With an official launch planned in 2015, aims to build an online community using the talents of its local residents. The goal is to create unique events, entertainment and productions that the whole community can participate in.

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